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About Chalk Walk -

What is Chalk Walk?


   Chalk Walk is a FREE and public sidewalk chalk drawing festival in April each year held at the Concourse Fountain in the heart of the Historic Northeast Neighborhood. The festival celebrates the wealth of culture and diversity in Kansas City's Urban Core. Proceeds raised by Chalk Walk benefit the non-profit Northeast Arts organization that provides arts and culture programs to people living in the Historic Northeast Neighborhood and the Greater KC Metropolitan area.

Why is there a Chalk Walk?


   Chalk Walk Festival celebrates creativity while building community. Chalk Walk spotlights the best of what the culturally diverse Historic Northeast Neighborhoods have to offer by bringing Kansas City citizens together at Concourse Park. The Chalk Walk Festival is a collaboration of neighbors, local business, schools, organizations and artisans that thrive in and around the Historic Northeast Neighborhoods.


There is a false perception among people in Kansas City that the urban core and the Historic Northeast is an unsafe place to visit, live and raise families. Despite this reputation of violence in our neighborhood, many diverse people have made homes in this area and the fact remains, violence can happen anywhere in Kansas City. Neighbors striving togather in a community can eradicate factors that stimulate this violence, like gang culture, indifference, and racism. Modeling healthy and positive choices can make the difference, especially for neighborhood kids at risk. Chalk Walk brings an intergenerational community of people together in a common cause: to celebrate creativity while building community.

Who does Chalk Walk benefit?


   Chalk Walk benefits Kansas City by reviving a much revered and accessible public art form and festival that in turn benefits youth most in need of arts and culture programs as an alternative to high risk behaviors.


Chalk Walk benefits the Historic Northeast Neighborhoods by creating a festival that focuses on the strengths of this diverse community rich in culture. Much of the Northeast like Kansas City is segregated into ethnic areas with mixed groups bordering them. The Chalk Walk festival will bring these groups together in a unified celebration and in turn entice many people in and around the Greater Kansas City metro area into this growing neighborhood. It is also an opportunity to unite the six distinct neighborhoods and expose Kansas City to the rich architecture, abundant parks and diverse people.



                    We've tried to provide all the info you need about Chalk Walk here on the website, but if you have specific questions that aren't answered here, or need to speak with a representative of Northeast Arts directly about a special need or request, please call:

Rebecca Koop  -  816.483.6964

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