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   Northeast Arts KC is a small organization that makes a big difference. Our philosophy is centered around the idea that when we make art a part of everyday life it has the power to transform our community.

    We believe that when you gather a great group of artists together to do chalk art, all you have to do is leave some artist-grade chalk laying around on the sidewalks and children will pick it up and become artists.

We believe that a few creative people with some donated paint can take the edge off of urban blight.

    We believe that vegetable beds and found-object artworks can turn a vacant lot into the kind of gathering place that turns neighbors into a neighborhood.

We believe that all it takes is a little music on a summer evening to make a city park into the kind of place that the citizens we inherited it from would be proud to have given us.

    We believe that a great gallery art exhibit can make people see our neighborhood

in a new light.

We believe that art has the power to transform our neighborhood; our community; our city; our world.

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