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  Cultures Without Borders was a juried art show that was presented annually by Northeast Arts from 1997-2017. It exhibited works in a variety of media formats by artists from the Greater KC Metro area and surrounding 4-state region.



To view images of artwork from Cultures Exhibits past and present,


   Culture is the complex of feelings, thought, taste, customs, arts, behaviors and traditions that define a particular society or group.


   Many ethnic and social groups call the Kansas City area home. Members of each group carry their own unique traits, and yet manage to cooperate daily with others of differing opinions and backgrounds.


   Borders both physical and social, typically separate and divide.


   We looked for artwork that showed a notion of inclusivity, while still typifying one’s own particular “Culture”.  We are richly diverse in our area and our challenge was to see our similarities as well as our differences: “Cultures” Submissions could be open and expressive, tight and defined or anything in between. This was a show of many mediums and styles, and we invited diverse entries.

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