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But wait, there's more!

Northeast Arts is always game to lend a hand around the neighborhood. Sometimes it's putting a great idea of our own into action; other times it's partnering with another group to add our resources to a neighborhood beautification project by helping out with an event or hosting a gathering at the garden. Here are some examples of our "Side Projects".

5415 Garden

   In 2012, we teamed up with the Indian Mound Neighborhood Association to help get a new community garden started in a vacant lot next to the Speedy Car Wash at 5415 St. John.

Visit the 5415 Garden on Facebook....

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 "I have contractors that paint boards white. We have no creativity ... It (window dressing) brings some character to the neighborhood and a sense of community to those going by. It makes you feel good that people are doing something and there’s something they can do to make an impact.”

Nathan Pare

Manager, KC Neighborhood Preservation Division

Window Dressing

 Working in collaboration with city government, Northeast Arts created the "Window Dressing" project, where volunteer artists using donated materials transform the boarded up windows of abandoned buildings into temporary art galleries.


So far, two buildings have received the Window Dressing treatment: one on the 3500 block of Independence Ave., and another at 7th & Indiana.

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